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Join us for an all-you-can-eat extravaganza of prawn-inspired food stalls,
wine tasting, fun activities and entertainment.


06 August 2023
From 10H00 to

Gauteng Prawn & Wine Fest 2023

Come and enjoy this prawn-inspired festival of food stations including a stir fry action station, slider bar, curry corner, braai drums with whole prawns, potjie pots, paella pan, pizza boards, salad bowls with various mouth-watering sweet temptations including a doughnut bar, kids pizza making and cupcake stations and so much more!

And of course, no prawn festival would be complete without a variety of wines to taste and savor on the day. With over 50 wines to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect pairing for your favourite prawn dish.

Even the little ones will be spoilt for choice at this festival. There’s a dedicated menu featuring kiddies’ favourites and activities including Face painting, arts station, mechanical bull, and pedal carts that will keep the little ones entertained while you relax and feast on the day’s bounty.

Relax and unwind at the prawn and wine festival with a luxurious poolside massage from our on-site spa therapists. Soak up the sun, sip on some wine, and enjoy a variety of spa treatments to help you de-stress. And if retail therapy is more your thing, be sure to check out the curious stall, which offers a wide selection of spa retail items, lifestyle goods, and even kids toys and games.

Garden seating will be provided for and you are welcome to bring your own camping chairs on the day – alternatively, you can purchase camping chairs from us by selecting the additional option on the ticket sales platform. (Basic Camping Chair @ R550 / Deluxe Camping Chair @ R 750)

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FOR ENQUIRIES, CONTACT: / 012 819 8600

Your guide to exploring and enjoying all the offerings on the day.



  • The Gauteng Prawn and Wine Festival is not a formal sit-down lunch.
  • Informal garden seating will be provided and you are allowed to bring your own camping chairs on the day.
  • All food served at the Gauteng Prawn and Wine Fest is included in your ticket price.
  • Tasting tickets are per measured glass and are also included in your ticket price.
  • Upon purchasing your tickets, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions and house rules for the day. Please ensure your guests that join you on the day are aware of them as well.


Should you be buying tickets for more than one participant of the event, it is your responsibility to make sure all participants are aware of these House Rules:

  1. When entering the festival site, visitors give permission for video, photo and sound recordings to be made in which the visitor may appear in or on. The organization uses these recordings for promotional purposes.
  2. Festival hours are from 10h00 to 15h00. Gates open at 10h00 and food will be served from 11h00.
  3. The use of any of the facilities and offerings are at your own risk.
  4. Remain in the designated events area.
  5. Dispose of garbage in dustbins provided.
  6. Smoking only allowed in designated areas.
  7. Use of pool for residential guests only.
  8. No food take aways will be permitted.
  9. No beverage consumption on account.
  10. Wine glasses remain the property of Kievits Kroon.
  11. Wear your event wristband.
  12. Children must always be accompanied by their parents.
  13. Sound systems, other than those of the organization or the band itself, are not allowed around or on the festival site.
  14. Noise levels to be kept at acceptable level.
  15. Kievits Kroon Gauteng Wine Estate is a cashless environment. We do accept all major debit and credit cards.
  16. Respect our animal life on the property. Please do not feed the animals.
  17. Any medical or security related matters will be handled at the entrance desk.
  18. Kievits Kroon Gauteng Wine Estate strives to make the Gauteng Prawn and Wine Fest a pleasant and safe event for all visitors. Discrimination, intimidation, vandalism, solicitation, aggression, causing nuisance or violence in any form whatsoever will not be tolerated and may result in removal from the event site without refund.
  19. Kievits Kroon Gauteng Wine Estate will not be held liable for any loss, cost or damage arising from attending the event.
  20. No food or beverage items except for children under one year old may be brought onto site. These items will be confiscated from your vehicle and will be returned upon discretion of management.
  21. Sale of liquor to persons under the age of 18 prohibited.
  22. Kievits Kroon will not take any responsibility for any allergic reactions that may occur.

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Gauteng Prawn & Wine Fest 2023