5 tips for successfully hosting an offsite event

Identify the objectives

Whether you’re planning a meeting for your own company or for a client, it’s imperative to understand the objectives of the event. It’s vital to understand the underlying message and whether the event’s focus is appreciation, motivating employees, all business or part business-part fun. The event has to fit their needs. Anyone can bring in fun entertainment and make a pretty table. Listening is the key that allows the event you plan to support the company’s goals.

Do a site visit

A site visit is absolutely necessary. You need to check the equipment capabilities, know the parameters of the venue, ascertain details about loading docks, hours, who’s available/permitted to help move things, hang things, etc, as well as to understand the flow of the venue. All of those details help you understand what attendees will be walking into, and help you, as planners, to look outside the standard four walls. After a site visit, talk to your client and brainstorm and conceptualise with them

Location matters

The right venue is hugely important. Be sure that the venue you choose can a) support the event’s objectives (see tip #1) and b) accommodate the event’s theme. You want to choose a venue that allows you to use décor elements that really tie to the theme. Choose a venue that will provide the right suppliers and vendors all the way through, that will help with transportation, accommodation, and anything else you need.

Don’t forget the fun

Few offsite meetings are 100% work, 0% play. Attendance might drop significantly if they were! Fn is absolutely necessary but keep the event’s objectives in mind. Fun elements can help build teamwork and camaraderie. Anything themed is often very well received. And anything that has a little element of competition is fantastic.

Maximixe your budget

Maximise your available funds by being creative and watching out for hidden expenses, like additional labour costs at your chosen venue. Be diligent in asking questions about whats included and what isn’t. Regardless of the budget, when you keep both the client’s desires and the costs in mind, you can creatively overcome obstacles for less money.



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